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Tips and tricks for getting coins and gems in Hungry Shark Evolution

Posted by on Mar 1, 2016 in Apps, Games, Smartphone, Technology | Comments Off on Tips and tricks for getting coins and gems in Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution is the fifth and certainly the most popular sequel of Hungry Shark series. This part of the game was initially released in 2012 by Future Games of London, and it is the only installment of the game which is regularly updated by the creator, unlike any of the previous parts. Many new features, types of sharks and missions have been introduced in this sequel, which makes it the most complex part of the series and certainly adds to the popularity. Users of iTunes and Google Store who have downloaded this game have rated it 4.5, and there are many more or less successful copies of Hungry Shark Evolution, which is an additional proof of its popularity.

34dab0e6d1a416ff18a8b31505bba2a4 This is an arcade game, a fun aquatic adventure, with over 70 missions to complete and various features and possibilities. At the beginning of the game, you play with the smallest, basic type of shark, which will evolve as you play, depending on the success of playing. Every shark has a set of missions to complete because this way they earn coins and gems, which you need in order for the shark to evolve. The players of Hungry Shark Evolution describe the game as very fun and strangely addictive, and it is exactly coins and gems that pose the problem – because when you do not have enough of them, the shark cannot evolve.

In order to get some extra cons and gems, there are certain tricks you can use and some tips to follow while playing the game.

First of all, make sure that you are connected to Wi-Fi while playing. You may find the commercials annoying, but in Hungry Shark Evolution there will be promotional video trailers for other games which can bring you free coins and gems after you watch them. Therefore, spare a few seconds of your time in order to get free coins and gems, but have in mind that these videos do not appear every day. Then, if you like the game’s Facebook page, you can also win some free gems without too much effort. There is also a treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean, which you can visit every day and collect the prize that is inside the chest.

It gives a certain amount of coins and gems every day for five days, from 100 coins on day one to 5 gems on day five, and then the cycle starts again.

hs54In addition to the methods of collecting coins and gems within the game, there is also another way of getting these valuable resources you need for successful playing of the game. You can use hungry shark evolution unlimited coins and gems, a tool that allows you to generate gems and coins you can later use in your game. You will be required to provide your email and username, then you will need to verify your account, and the server will provide you with the gems and coins you need for the game. You can use these coins for various purchases within the game, no matter if they are new sharks or additional features, which will help you play the game more successfully and evolve until you complete the game.

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What made Kim Kardashian Hollywood so popular?

Posted by on Feb 27, 2016 in Apps, Games, Smartphone, Technology | Comments Off on What made Kim Kardashian Hollywood so popular?


Kim Kardashian has chosen to follow the role model of many celebrities who developed mobile applications and video games based on their character. This game achieved tremendous success and earned her a lot of money, but that it is so special about it, when everything comes down to a lot of tapping and waiting.

Based on user’s opinions, this an average game, where main focus is on tapping circles and waiting for your character to regain sufficient level of energy, so you can continue to tap in awaiting circles. On the other hand, if you have impatient nature, you can always choose to pay and avoid this annoying part. Considering this game, the skills you are required to have are tapping and waiting and every person who has even a little common sense will find this extremely plain.

kim-kardashian-hollywood We can’t state that this is a traditional game – it represents more of a story with basic interaction. People you will encounter here are either possible husband/boyfriend of someone who will help you build up your career. Annoying people will sometimes pop up into the picture too.

Without parties, this game wouldn’t be Kim Kardashian like, but on our disappointment, they have proven to be a tiresome experience. Maybe this is what celebrity life looks like and it’s not nearly as fun as it should be. Despite that, this game has a four-star rating on Google Play and a five-star rating on Apple Store based on 200,000 voters.

Apparently, the more you play it the more you get “hooked” on Kardashian fame and glory. Imagine every day you wake up and your partner criticize your outfit with his crude comments. Your best friend approves your choice in clothes with only one word, or you choose to ride in public transportation. These are only some small parts that are included in this game.

This game will also allow you to choose your sexuality, whether you’ll be gay or straight and it won’t judge you because of that, opposite to many traditional games.

Many people will write this game off at the start, guided by the thought that is made for vacant people who don’t have any real interests and goals. Interesting fact that has come into our focus, is that this game became so lovable; more people are paying for it and what’s more shocking, they are enjoying in it.

kkhKim Kardashian became a proper game just like any other. Thought, definition of proper became meaningless today, considering large variety of games available on the market. Still, due to large number of people who play it, Kim Kardashian Hollywood energy cheat became available on the Internet in order to skip some unwanted things or to boost your energy without waiting.

You will probably ask yourself: is this a good game for me? If you don’t fancy this sort of things, shopping, dinners, parties and excessive change of clothes, then no, it isn’t.

There are lot of controversies about this game and the message that is sending to the youth. Such as: message about sexuality, buying expensive clothes, missions and houses. This can attract a lot of attention of teenagers and corrupt their view on life.

But, unless you try it, you don’t have the right to judge.

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Top ten gadgets to improve your training

Posted by on Feb 26, 2016 in Android, Apps, Gadgets, Smartphone, Technology | Comments Off on Top ten gadgets to improve your training

Last Updated: 12/06/2016


This is the era of wearable and portable devices, and their production is growing at an incredible speed. Giant companies like Sony I have started this trend, and now more or less everyone is involved in the development of gadgets. The topic of fitness has been hot around the world for years, so it was logical that there will appear many gadgets and apps intended for the improvement of training. Most gadgets are designed to be worn on your wrist, there are also those that are very easy to attach onto your clothing or carry them in your pocket.

Strava Running and Cycling GPS – in order to regularly track your exercise, you do not necessarily need to have a smart watch. Smartphone applications like Strava use GPS to track your movement and training. Strava is very simple to use, it keeps a history of all your training, motivating you to practice more and better every day.

adidasGriffin Adidas MiCoach hand strap – if you use your smart phone to track activities when you exercise or you listen to music, it is not bad to have a band in which to hold the phone. Although it may seem strange in the beginning, it is actually very convenient to change the song and watch your stats without constantly taking the phone out of your pocket. It is available for a number of different devices.

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale – many believe that no fitness gadget can replace the classic scale. Well, maybe they are wrong. It’s fairly easy to set up fitbit scale. Fitbit’s scale with WiFi connection will not only show your weight, but it will follow the change of your weight and keep you informed about it. It also measures fat percentage in your body, and it can save the data for up to seven people.

garminedge800-003-copyGarmin Edge 800 – this mini-computer, designed especially for cyclists, has a touch screen, a built-in GPS navigation with maps, and it is waterproof and shockproof. It helps you in navigation, but also collects data on the length of a ride, speed and inclines. It can also measure your heart rate, and thus provide you with additional information about your body.

Camera Demon – a camera that uses sticky pad in order to remain on the helmet. It allows cyclists, motorcyclists, skiers and other sports enthusiasts to record their activities in the form of videos, and this camera will not get in the way of their activities.

Pioneer SE-D10E headphones – these headphones use a unique design that adapts to the shape of your head. They are simply attached to the ears, they are adaptable and they are sweat-proof.

ws-50-2Withings Smart Body Analyser – another scale that tracks your weight and it is equipped with WiFi connection. It even gives you air quality assessment, as well as your ideal measures, but also advice on how to achieve them.

Jawbone UP3 – Jawbone UP3 has an excellent design with even better functions. It regularly monitors all your activities, your heart rate and your training. All this is packed in a waterproof casing and has a battery that lasts over seven days.

Fitbit Surge – this is a device for those who train regularly and pay much attention to their exercise. Behind the delightfully designed casing there is GPS, software to identify different sports, all-day monitoring activities, WiFi connection and much more.

000000041784Microsoft bracelet – this bracelet has an extraordinary mini keyboard that allows you to send and receive messages, it has GPS and support for cyclists – like you have a fitness trainer on your wrist. You also have the option of downloading tips for training from different fitness companies.

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